State Troopers Outreach Partnership

State Trooper Outreach Partnership

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The State Trooper Outreach Partnership (STOP) is steadfastly committed to improving our local communities. By providing outreach, mentoring, and volunteer work, we aim to address problems faced by community members in need. On a daily basis, you may find us providing roadside assistance to a family who otherwise could not afford it. Or, you may see us building wheelchair ramps so that veterans can easily access the buildings they need to visit. As State Troopers, we believe that we have a unique opportunity to engage with and enact positive change in the lives of people throughout our communities and, to do this on a statewide level, we founded STOP.

About STOP

STOP is dedicated to providing mentorship and outreach to create a better, stronger, and closer knit community.


If you have questions about our mission, membership, or chapters, view a number of frequently asked questions.

Past Events

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Our Chapters

The State Trooper Outreach Partnership currently has two active chapters in Niles and Paw Paw. Every year, our goal is to expand by adding new chapters and new members. With every chapter added, we are able to better address the needs of individuals throughout the state of Michigan and, more importantly, enact positive change on nearby communities.

From providing homeless children with a visit to the zoo to assisting Korean War veterans with otherwise unaffordable car repairs, we are committed to ensuring that our communities are strong and, above all else, that we are doing what we can to take care of those in need.

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